Agustina Figueroa Imfeld on her LL.M. at the University of Georgia

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"There were many factors that contributed to my decision to select UGA!"

Agustina Figueroa Imfeld shares her experience about her LL.M. at the University of Georgia

Agustina Figueroa Imfeld is an attorney from Argentina, who is currently enrolled in her second semester of her Master of Laws program at the University of Georgia School of Law. Before moving to the United States, she worked in complex litigation in the media and telecommunications industry of her home country. 


Ms. Figueroa Imfeld, you are currently pursuing your LL.M. with a concentration in Business Law at the University of Georgia School of Law. What were your main reasons for choosing this major and UGA?

I picked the Business Law concentration because it aligned closely with my interests and experience working as a lawyer in the private sector. However, the curriculum is fairly flexible, and a student has broad discretion to discuss with the academic advisor what the best course of study is for each individual case.

There were many factors that contributed to my decision to select UGA. The main reason was the individualized touch and the personal correspondence from the recruiting team. Other factors that weighed in were the opportunity to work as an assistant to a faculty member, the bar track preparation, the reputation of the school in the region, being close to an important city like Atlanta, and the COVID-19 related measures the school was taking prior to our arrival.

Agustina Figueroa Imfeld
Agustina Figueroa Imfeld

How did you experience your first weeks with your fellow students at UGA and the start of your LL.M.?

I had a great experience. I highly recommend participating in the International Student Orientation, since they gave us valuable advice and information, that proved to be very helpful down the road. It was also a great introduction to the international community of students beyond the law school. Some of the students I met during those first weeks became close friends of mine.

Even after orientation, everyone was very friendly and welcoming. There is a lot to take in, and some LL.M. students were feeling a bit of a culture shock. But we leaned on each other and ended up with a tight group of classmates and friends.

How much interaction do you have with professors? Are they supportive of the students?

I found the faculty to be very engaged with their students. Professors call students by their name (which I found impressive, particularly considering most students wear face masks). Additionally, all professors have office hours and encourage students to use them, some of them even require students to meet individually with them at least once. 

The School of Law also offers a mentorship program where students are paired with a faculty member to advise and mentor them. I found this program remarkably helpful, and I am very grateful to my mentor for advising me about how to navigate law school. I can confidently say professors honestly care about their students, and it shows.

What classes are included in the LL.M. concentration on Business Law?

The curriculum is fairly flexible in order to accommodate students’ particular interests. There are dozens of classes to choose from. Moreover, LL.M. students are given priority over J.D. students to pick classes that are in high demand.

Athens is a popular college town. What are the main advantages of this city, and is there a place or event you would like to highlight in particular?

I think it is great for international students to experience a real “college town”. It is a very youthful city and there are many restaurants, cafés, and bars to go to. There are also state parks within a short driving distance. Finally, Atlanta is an hour away, so there is convenient access to an international airport and all the events that are always going on in a big city like that. 

If I had to highlight a particular event in Athens, it would have to be the American Football games. UGA’s Football team – the Georgia Bulldogs – is the national champion this year. The games are a lot of fun to watch, the whole town becomes very enthusiastic about it, and people from all over the country come to attend the games.

You were selected for a corporate counsel externship offered by UGA at the Coca-Cola Company. What are your main tasks at Coca-Cola, and to what extent can you apply your previous legal knowledge as well as that gained from your LL.M. studies?

At Coca-Cola, I work for the Global Litigation and Regulatory department. However, I have also undertaken tasks for other departments, such as the Marketing team. My work consists mostly of legal research, but also sitting in on meetings, attending discovery proceedings, and drafting legal memoranda.

I think my previous legal knowledge has helped me to develop instincts for issue spotting and be confident in my expertise. Even though there are many differences between legal systems, there are also a lot of similarities. Additionally, a lot of the work I do right now was directly covered by some of my LL.M. classes, so there is definitely an advantage to it. 

You are preparing for the New York bar exam. What do you imagine are the main challenges related to taking the New York bar exam?

All state bars test on many areas of the law. While doing an LL.M. is an excellent option for foreign lawyers wanting to be licensed in a particular state, there is not enough time to study in-depth all of these areas, as opposed to during the three-year Juris Doctor degree program.

I assume that will be the biggest challenge: preparing for subjects tested that I did not have time to take on in an LL.M. course. However, there are many organizations that offer bar prep courses to help study for this exam, so I am hopeful that will be enough. 

The School of Law also offers a mentorship program where students are paired with a faculty member to advise and mentor them.
Agustina Figueroa Imfeld

What advice would you give prospective students?

Research thoroughly, plan ahead, and start early! It may seem like the start of the program is far away and there would be plenty of time to figure everything out. But in reality, the visa process, bar application, course selection, etc., come at a vertiginous speed after your admissions decision. 

Your conclusion?

An LL.M. is challenging. It is unlike any other program, and it is very demanding, particularly for foreign students. But it is a very rewarding experience, and UGA has offered tremendous support to all students in my class to help us make the most of the time we have here. 

Thank you!

University of Georgia School of Law

University of Georgia School of Law

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