Tulane University, School of Law

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Tulane University, School of Law

Program types

Full time

Part time

Degree to be obtained

Master of Laws (LL.M.) in one of the following:

  • General Law, Energy & Environmental Law
  • Maritime & Admiralty Law
  • American Law or
  • International & Comparative Law


  • Comparative Law
  • Environmental and Energy Law
  • General Law
  • International Law
  • Maritime Law
  • U.S. Law

Practical relevance

Our LL.M. students are allowed to participate in the law journals, some of the clinics, and do pro bono work while attending the LL.M. program.


Tulane Law School is known in a wide variety of programs, from IP to Sport, to Maritime and Energy & Environmental Law. Through the years, Tulane has developed relationships with industries and organizations in those and many other fields.

Student profile

We are looking for solid students, students who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence and to hard work. We look carefully at the personal statement required by the application to see what is important to our students. We are far more impressed by activities undertaken because students were interested in them than in long lists of clubs joined solely for the purpose of enhancing a law school application.

Average starting salary

Fully depends on the country and the type of work.

Semester break

The academic year is two full semesters, Fall and Spring, with a 3 weeks break between then. The Summer is 3 months long and we offer summer abroad programs and the mandatory Orientation program, during that period.


Generally speaking, the LL.M. program starts in the Fall, however, we do have a small (limited and restricted) Spring intake.

Summer term

Start: January
Duration: 5 months

Winter term

Start: September
Duration: 4 months