Europa-Institut, Saarland University

Programme bei

Europa-Institut, Saarland University

Degree to be obtained

Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Practical relevance

The Europa-Institut offers a unique mixture of lectures, seminars, interactive exercises, language courses, communication skills training, guest lectures and discussions. It also offers the possibility to take part in moots, Eurosim and excursions to cities like Strasbourg or Luxembourg where students can get into direct contact with the “makers” of Europe. In meet & greet events organized by the alumni association of the Europa-Institut, EVER e.V., students moreover have the opportunity to talk and network with alumni.

Student profile

The Europa-Institut is interested in attracting students with different legal backgrounds from all over the world with an active interest in European and international law. Graduates of the program hold positions in European and international organizations, internationally oriented law firms, international companies as well as in national governments and administrations. The diversity of the participants in the LL.M. program (75 students from more than 30 countries) contributes significantly to the educational experience of the students of the Master´s program.


Winter semester

Language of instructions

English and/or German

Summer term

Start: April
Duration: 5 months

Winter term

Start: October
Duration: 6 months