Tulane University, School of Law

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Tulane University, School of Law

Student facts

Every year we host students from over 25 countries.

International students

International Students from over 20 countries. Main countries are China and Panama.

Study location

New Orleans, Louisiana


On campus housing is available during the summer, allowing students a place to stay while looking for permanent housing for the year.

Club & Society

Tulane offers over 50 associations, including GLAT (Graduate Layers at Tulane), Maritime Law Society, and many others. Additionally, all the clubs and societies have weekly meetings and events organized at the law school.

Leisure activities

New Orleans is known for its music and vibrant community.

Music, festivals, art and delicious food are available at every corner.

Support for parents/disabled

Tulane CAPS for Counseling Services.

Student life - A typical day

Natasha Sailopal tells us about a typical day at Tulane University, School of Law.

06:00 am

Wake Up Time and small breakfast with my roomates.

07:30 am


08:30 am

Walk to Law School with Coffee Stop with LLM friends.

09:00 am

Part Time work at the office of International Programs, Tulane Law School

12:00 pm

Lunch and Pre Class Discussion with other students.

01:00 pm


03:00 pm

Global Cafe – Weekly event where international students from all Tulane departments come together, share ideas and do different activities together.

04:30 pm

More lectures/classes.

06:00 pm

Law School Event – all most every other day, the Law School will host different event, from different law socities. Those can be lectures, info sessions, book readings and signs, film viewing, etc. And they are always followed by a small reception.

07:00 pm

Homework and Study.

09:00 pm

Downtown with my roomates, where we talked about our days.

10:00 pm

Bed Time.


Tulane Alumni Association and Tulane Law Alumni Relations

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