Interview Student

Marc Hubacher

Class of 2020

Why have you decided to pursue a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree?

An LL.M. offers the opportunity to explore a new country and culture, meet students from all over the world, and to improve your (English) language skills. Above all, it allows you to be a student once again and delve into self-selected legal areas.

Why did you choose to study at Boston University?

Boston University, centrally located in the vibrant city of Boston, offers a top rated LL.M. program focusing on banking and financial law. Several program concentrations allow students to specialize further.

Describe the LL.M. course you are studying.

The Graduate Program in Banking & Financial Law consists of a wide range of classes on U.S. financial service subjects (inter alia Banking Structure and Regulation, Corporation, Securities Regulation or Lessons from the Financial Crisis).

Which classes do you like most and why?

"Banking Structure and Regulation" - taught by the former General Counsel of the Federal Reserve Board who has enormous expertise in the subject matter.  "Compliance Programs" - exciting cases and a high level of practical relevance.

How do you finance your education?

Through savings.

What was your most exiting, interesting, astonishing or hilarious experience at Boston University so far?

The great atmosphere at the ice hockey games of the BU Terriers in the Agganis Arena is always worth a visit and enthuses all students, whether they are interested in ice hockey or not.

What is the best thing about the program?

The combination of an academic program, taught by specialized practitioners, equips you with the theoretical fundamentals of a legal field as well as the practical application and its associated challenges in day-to-day business life.

Name three terms that you associate with the word „law“.

Responsibility - Interpretation - Application

What are your plans after graduating?

Enjoy the summer - afterwards I will continue to work in the corporate law firm where I have already worked before my time at Boston University. 

What advice do you have prospective students?

Enjoy your time at Boston University from the very first moment, the year goes by extremely fast.