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H&R Group

Since 1919, the name Hansen & Rosenthal has been linked with the highest quality in specialty chemicals and in the development and production of crude oil based chemical-pharmaceutical specialty products.

The secret of our success has always been a strong customer focus and a systematic approach to improving our brands and products. We do everything to maintain and further enhance our products quality and our customers’ trust in them.

Our values
have a long tradition

Combining quality with a proactive approach to environmental protection and occupational safety not only enhances our image, but also increases our profitability and enables us to always offer high quality branded products.

We accomplish this with the help of a systematic management system aimed at ensuring that our production processes and support services run seamlessly - while constantly improving them. This objective can only be achieved in a sustainable way by guaranteing maximum conservation of resources and the highest level of occupational safety for our employees. Consequently only if we treat nature with respect will we be able to ensure the inherent quality of our products in the future. In doing so reaching our quality goal: to provide consumers with safe products that are in no way harmful to human health.


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