University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law

DAJV LL.M. DAYS 2021 - UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law

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21.10.2021 14:00 Uhr -
23.10.2021 15:00 Uhr

Contacts are more than just connections. When choosing the right law school, nothing is more important than having a personal impression and direct contact with a person who can answer your questions.

At the DAJV LL.M. Days you have the opportunity to meet the relevant representatives of excellent U.S. law schools.

Due to the limited number of participants, you will have enough time to make personal contacts with law school representatives and alumni to address issues like:

  • Why study in the U.S.?
  • What is the right time for an LL.M.?
  • How to finance the U.S. education?
  • How to choose a law school and LL.M. program?
  • Is it possible to negotiate individual conditions for tuition fees with the representatives?
  • What do I have to consider when applying?
  • Do I need an LL.M. to join a corporate law firm?


Volljurist (m/w/d), Referendar (m/w/d), Diplomjurist (m/w/d), Promotionsstudent (m/w/d), Wirtschaftsjurist (m/w/d), Student (m/w/d)


Frau Sarah Dorner
Associate Director of Admissions & International Outreach