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Católica Global School of Law featured by the Financial Times 

CGSL consolidated its position among the world’s most innovative LL.M.

We are proud to inform that, for several years in a row and while the ranking was active , the Financial Times featured Católica Global School of Law as one of the world’s most innovative law school, referring to it as an absolute pioneer in teaching and research of transnational law.

Católica Global School of Law’s LL.M. (Master of Laws) was included for several years in a row among a select group that included only 15 schools in continental Europe. In the article “International Law: legal studies in a globalized era”, the Financial Times features Católica Global School of Law, whose mission is to develop the teaching and research of the transnational dimensions of law.

With 10 years of existence, Católica Global School of Law was the first global law school in Europe and has been developing a strategy of training professionals for sophisticated, international legal practice. Its foundation is the idea that the lawyer of the future will be a cosmopolitan rather than a domestic lawyer. It is seen internationally as one of the institutions that contribute the most to innovation in legal teaching and it is developing partnerships with the world’s leading faculties (e.g. the double-degree with King’s College London).

The Advanced LL.M. in International Business Law is in its 13th edition (1st edition in 2006-2007). It is aimed at lawyers and other legal professionals with a number of years’ experience. It provides access to the advanced training necessary for anyone who intends to advise large multinational companies and financial institutions, whether as in-house lawyers or as lawyers in leading firms.

The LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context is in its 10th edition (1st edition in 2009-2010). It is coordinated by Joseph Weiler (NYU) and Miguel Poiares Maduro (European University Institute, Florence) and is aimed at young lawyers with great potential who want to broaden their legal horizons by accessing European and transnational perspectives on different areas of the law.

Renowned professors

Alain-Laurent Verbeke
(Universities of leuveb, Tillburg and Harvard)

Jan Dalhuisen
(King’s College London, UC Berkeley)

Joseph H.H. Weiler
(New York University, National University of Singapore)

Mattias Kumm
(New York University, WZB Berlin)

Mitchell Lasser
(Cornell university)

Mihael Jeklic
(King’s College London)