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Católica Global School of Law

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  • Law Schools Global League (LSGL)
  • European Law Students Association (ELSA)
  • Several Worldwide Law Schools

Student profile

We seek highly motivated students with a strong academic background and professional experience (for the advanced LL.M. applicants).Candidates are subject to a highly competitive selection process. In addition, students are subject to a demanding evaluation system throughout the duration of the LL.M. programmes, featuring written exams and take home essays.

Our younger students graduated with honours and the advanced students are typically experienced lawyers from well-known law firms with an average age of 28.

Students attending the LL.M. programmes in the past have come from around the world, including countries such as Angola, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Mozambique, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United States of America, and Venezuela. Such diversity not only provides an opportunity for our students to develop their legal and academic careers, but gives them the opportunity to share experiences and build upon their personal relationships.

Classes have typically around 20 – 30 students, so that everyone may have the opportunity to share experiences, exchange best practices and increase personal and professional relationships.

Semesters and Semester

The course has a 12 months duration, divided in three trimesters with two breaks during Christmas and Easter.