Interview Alumni

Wendy SC Lee


Degree obtained / Class of:

Master of Laws in Maritime and Transportation Law

Current position / Employer:

Senior Manager, Cargo Services Far East Limited

Why did you choose to study law?

Law has a long history and its development is interesting under different legal systems, such as common law, continental law, etc.

Why did you choose to study at City University of Hong Kong?

City University of Hong Kong is the only institution which offers LLM programme specializing in Maritime Law in Hong Kong.

Did you profit from City University of Hong Kong’s network?

I have extended my personal network in particular for maritime law within and beyond the industry. Classmates are so professional and we can learn from each other during the programme.

Do you still have contact to your study colleagues?

We have close connections during and after the programme.

Where there any alumni reunions after you finished your LL.M? If yes, how did they look like?

Not yet but these are available in City University of Hong Kong.

How did attending City University of Hong Kong change your career?

The programme enhanced and widened my knowledge in legal perspectives on top of my commerical experience in maritime industry.

Which was your favorite course / part of the program you attend?

All modules are useful and valuable for me. You would find different legal systems and international conventions on top of common law system across the modules, such as Chinese Maritime Law, Aviation Law, Maritime Insurance Law, etc.

Why would you recommend City University of Hong Kong’s study program to future students?

For those who are interested in maritime and transportation law.