Interview Alumni

Kalin Ivanov


Degree obtained / Class of:

Class of 2017/2018

Current position / Employer:

Foreign Associate, Linklaters LLP, Frankfurt am Main

Why did you choose to study law?

I was motivated by the challenges of the complex situations where my task is to find the solution.

Why did you choose to study at the Institute for Law and Finance? 

I developed particular interest in finance law and the ILF’s curriculum was exactly what I was looking for.

What was your contact to other students like?

There were many events during the academic year organised by the ILF (e.g. trips to Berlin and Luxembourg, Christmas party, etc.) and we, the students, initiated ourselves many get-together events.

Did you profit from the Institute for Law and Finance’s network?

The ILF’s staff helped me to find the internship in Linklaters which was the start of my career in the law firm. 

Do you still have contact to your study colleagues?

I still keep in touch with some of my colleagues who left Frankfurt and the ones who stayed I meet regularly. 

Where there any alumni reunions after you finished your LL.M? If yes, how did they look like?

Yes, they were nice opportunities to catch up with my colleagues and to share experiences with current students. 

How did attending the Institute for Law and Finance change your career?

The internship as part of the program was the start of my career in the law firm and the knowledge I gained during the academic year helped me to become more competitive in the market. 

Which was your favorite course / part of the program you attend?

Several of them. Some examples are (non-exhaustive) – Comparative Company Law, Law of Commercial Banking, Law of Acquisition Finance.

Why would you recommend the Institute for Law and Finance’s study program to future students?

The program is a great mixture of legal and business courses which provides the students with the commercial awareness necessary for a finance or corporate lawyer to succeed.