Institute for Law and Finance, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

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Institute for Law and Finance, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Student facts

Our students come from all over the world – generally from more than 20 countries each year.

International students

  • Asia (28%)
  • Eastern Europe (27%)
  • Western Europe (18%)
  • America (15%)
  • Germany (8%)
  • Africa (3%)

Study location

Frankfurt am Main


There are several accommodation options available to students in the Frankfurt area.
The ILF offers a limited number of dormitory rooms owned by the university’s student services. Since the demand for these rooms is usually greater than the number of rooms available, they are reserved to students from abroad and allocated by lottery. Students interested in one of these rooms should let us know that they wish to enter the allocation lottery.

Other options include student housing facilities offered by various church organizations and other non-profit housing facilities. We recommend strongly that students contact such organizations as soon as they receive notice of acceptance to the program, as these rooms are also very sought after. The ILF is able to provide a list of these organizations and further information to help you find private accommodation in Frankfurt.

Who are our students?

The ILF student body is small, but nationally diverse. Our students have studied at some of the finest universities from over 20 countries and represent all continents in the world. The mix of cultural and educational backgrounds makes for a lively exchange of ideas and a stimulating student life. During their time at the ILF, our students not only gain professional knowledge and experience, but also form close and long-lasting bonds with many of their classmates. Due to the limit on class size of about 50 students, making friends is easy.

Community life is facilitated by the House of Finance, which is open around the clock for study, research, meeting friends, or just reading newspapers in the lounge. ILF students are able to take advantage of a stimulating and friendly international community, offered by this unique combination of students who come together and organize numerous social and cultural activities amongst themselves. In addition, the ILF organizes extra-curricular events such as visits, excursions, receptions with sponsors and lecturers, a Christmas party and the Graduation Event.

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