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Degree to be obtained

LL.M. in International Business Law


  • Banking & Finance Law
  • Business Law
  • Commercial & Trade Law
  • Competition & Regulation Law
  • Compliance, Governance & Policies
  • Corporate and M&A Law
  • Economics & Business
  • Environmental and Energy Law
  • General Law
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • International Economic Law
  • International Law
  • Litigation & Arbitration
  • Social & Ethics

Winter semester




10 months

Practical relevance

  1. Connect with legal practitioners 
    Academic training is a key to understanding the theoretical and legal framework of (international) business law. The complexity of modern business transactions requires the development of analytical skills that allow you to identify and comprehend the relationships between different fields of law. However, learning how this knowledge can be applied in practice constitutes an important part of legal training. The IBL Master’s programme is designed to offer you the opportunity to acquire both theoretical and practical legal skills. Lecturers in the IBL Master’s programme are legal academics as well as legal practitioners. Practicing lawyers from leading law firms, judges and legal advisors participate in the IBL Master's programme either as regular lecturers or as guest lecturers. Lecturers also work as students’ tutors, helping you to write papers or to make presentations. Under their supervision you will improve your study methods and legal skills. 
  2. Training skills 
    The improvement of legal academic skills constitutes an important goal of the IBL Master’s programme. The courses require writing several papers and preparing oral presentations, which will improve your performance and will help you to communicate effectively in (international) business relations. You will also publicly defend your Master's thesis in June before a committee composed of academic staff at the Law School. 


LinkedIn Alumni Group
Former students of the IBL Master's programme are linked to each other by means of a LinkedIn Alumni Group. They exchange news, experiences and professional opportunities there. See where alumni are working now.

Located in the business district of Amsterdam  
The Law School of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam benefits from its unique location, right in the heart of Amsterdam’s business district, where many international law firms and companies are situated. This offers a unique experience of studying in the neighborhood of a real international business environment. In addition to this, a limited number of high-achieving students may have the opportunity to pursue an internship at one of the firms or companies located in the Netherlands. This depends on available projects and openings. Internships must be arranged by students themselves.

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Student profile

This Master’s degree is not for everyone. It takes a unique blend of empathy and ambition. Passion and drive. Compassion and intellect. You must be able to apply your legal mind to address some of the most complex and challenging legal issues of our day. For instance for the Climate Change and Sustainability specialization that means:You’re not only passionate about addressing climate change and sustainability, but also have an analytical mind that can apply the rules of law to help companies make the right decisions. You aspire to serve both your own interests and the common good.You’re hard working and dedicated.You are eager to study the law from many different perspectives: not only the letter of the law, but psychological, economic, political and social components, as well.

Average starting salary

Students who successfully completed the IBL Master's programme have a wide range of career choices.

Semester break

The regular academic year in the Netherlands runs from 1 September through the end of June, followed by the closing ceremony in July. Courses start in September, November, January, February, April and June.

Semesters and Semester

IBL is a full-time, one-year graduate programme in law (LLM). It is taught in English and consists of several compulsory courses and optional courses that explore different fields of international business law. Two semesters with a Winter break of two weeks and a Summer break of approximately two months.

International Business Law: Climate Change and Sustainability
In sustainability issues, the role of the law is complex. There are multiple jurisdictions, numerous areas of law and multiple actors. Scientific, economic, political, social and ethical questions feed into legal processes. We will ensure you’re ready to address those questions.
However, you must first be trained as an all-round attorney. High-level thinking about climate change and sustainability is only possible with a thorough understanding of classical fields of law, such as Corporate, Contract, Tort and Public International Law. This Master’s thus begins with a core curriculum that will make you a great lawyer. We then explore the sustainability question in depth, from a variety of disciplines.
We will delve into doctrinal issues, legislation and case law. You will visit law firms, welcome guest speakers and work on real-life cases. The combination of law in the books and law in action has proven to be highly successful – and the most fun. Want to know more? Check out the Curriculum.

International Business Law: Finance and Behavior
This legal Master’s program has deep-rooted multidisciplinary perspectives. Law is the vantage point of our thinking. Classical fields such as Contract Law, Tort Law, the Corporate Form, Insolvency Law and Regulatory Law will be taught in depth. In order for you to operate in an international context, we will focus on the principles; details of national laws will not be dealt with. Want to know more? Check out the Curriculum.

International Business Law: Transactions and Trade
The International Business Law (IBL) Master's degree programme focuses on rules and practices that are relevant for international business transactions and relations. You will study the main legal areas and the interaction between the actors involved in business transactions. In addition, you will develop skills to anticipate, analyze and address legal problems that may arise in practice. You will write several papers and prepare oral presentations during the academic year. The IBL Master's programme includes a mandatory Research Seminar and a mandatory Master's thesis which you must defend in June.