Interview Alumni

Nathalie Collaud-Albrecht


Degree obtained / Class of:

Master of Laws (LL.M.), International business law / 2013 – 2014

Last position / Employer:

Lawyer / Swiss federal Tax Administration (FTA), Division for Exchange of Information in Tax Matters

Why did you choose to study law?

Law is useful everywhere. In almost each field you will find law. Therefore, I though it was interesting but also important to know how to apply law at work and in our everyday life.

Why did you choose to study at Osgoode Hall Law School?

Osgoode Hall Law School has a really good reputation in Toronto but also in North America, that’s why I choose this university and their program fully met my expectation.

What was your contact to other students like?

We collaborated really well all together. The multicultural environment was really interesting. Especially for Europeans, since there are lots of nationalities we are less used to meet in European universities, such as students from China and India for example.

Did you profit from Osgoode Hall Law School‘s network?

I did profit from Osgoode Hall Law School’s network. Recently, a Spanish lawyer needed support in an arbitration case; I put her in contact with students I met at Osgoode that became lawyers in Toronto.

Do you still have contact to your study colleagues?

I still have contact with some of my study colleagues on regularly basis. The one year Master program at Osgoode Hall is quiet intense and the collaboration between students is an important part too, you definitely create connexions with your study colleagues that might remain.

Where there any alumni reunions after you finished your LL.M? If yes, how did they look like?

There where alumni reunions after I finished my LL.M but since I am living in Europe and I was pretty busy these last years, I did not attempt to any of them. But if you have the chance to live near by or to come back for a visit, it is surely a great opportunity to catch up and reinforce your relations with the alumni.

How did attending Osgoode Hall Law School change your career?

The LL.M. gives you legitimation in international law, you also learn the common law system and how to write paper and legal documents in English, which is essential if you want to work in an international environment.

Which was your favorite course / part of the program you attend?

All courses were very interesting but my favourite one was definitely the International arbitration course. The course was very well structured and interactive. The worldwide known teachers in the arbitration field were amazing; it was a real honour to attempt their class.

Why would you recommend Osgoode Hall Law School‘s study program to future students?

I would recommend Osgoode Hall Law School, because it is a dynamic university and the teachers have proven experiences in their fields. Beside that, Toronto is an amazing multicultural city, where there is a lots to do and to learn from.