Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL)

Programme bei

Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL)

Program type

full time

Degree to be obtained

Master of Laws (LL.M.)


  • Business Law
  • Chinese Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Law

Practical relevance

It is hard to ignore China’s rapid ascendency in global trade, innovation, and geopolitics. There are few countries in the world where China does not appear daily in the national news, and nearly every nation has seen its relations and business with China increase in recent history. And yet, while Chinese lawyers are rounding out their legal resumes by studying around the world, international lawyers and law students are just beginning to realize the true value of studying in China. There has never been a more relevant time to study law in China, and there is no better place than at the oldest and most prestigious university in the country, especially for a lawyer looking to the future.

Student profile

STL looks for ambitious and accomplished candidates who are future oriented and see the unique value in completing a rigor LL.M. program in China. Our students want to differentiate themselves from their peers back home and gain knowledge and connections that they could not have found in the U.S., UK, or EU. Our students want a more adventurous path to their legal objectives, but still with the comfort of knowing they are getting a world class education at a top ranked University. STL’s LL.M. includes students who were criminal prosecutors, university lecturers, government officials, doctoral students, commercial lawyers and Olympic athletes.


LL.M. intake takes place in mid-august each year.
The academic calendar is divided into 4 quarters.

  • Quarter 1: mid-August to late-October (11 weeks)
  • Quarter 2: early-November to mid-January (11 weeks)
    Spring Festival holiday from around mid-January to mid-February
  • Quarter 3: mid-February to late-April (11 weeks)
  • Quarter 4: early-May to late June (8 weeks)