Interview Professor

Dr. Edina Harbinja

Visiting Professor

Where do you come from?

I live and work in the UK, but I am originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What courses do you teach?

I teach Privacy and Data Protection for RGSL Technology Law Masters programme students.

What is the main thing the students should take from your course?

I hope they'll be able to develop their critical thinking further. This will enable them to
evaluate technological developments from various legal and societal angles and their impact on human rights.

Your authority/role model in your professional field?

Prof. Lilian Edwards, Newcastle University

A must-read book in your field?

Lilian Edwards and Charlotte Waelde, Law and the Internet, third edition, 2022, Hart Publishing

The one fun thing you want our students to know about you?

I am a marathon runner and have competed in 4 marathons so far, and counting...