Interview Professor

Dr. Mark Leiser

Visiting Professor

Where do you come from?

I’m a Visiting Professor from VU-Amsterdam and have worked at RGSL for three years.

What courses do you teach?

Digital Regulation and Disruptive Technology for RGSL Masters students.

What is the main thing students should take from your course?

I teach three courses at RGSL – Digital Regulation and Disruptive Technologies are designed to get students thinking about the challenges of regulating novel and disruptive technologies. We work within both the theoretical and practical spaces of law. We can only improve the practical regulation of things like AI and solve problems like disinformation by better understanding the theories of regulating digital technologies. The third is to help ensure students have the means of researching legal subjects at Masters level.

Your authority/role model in your professional field?

Professor Andrew Murray at the London School of Economics and Professor Chris Reed, Queen Mary University (London).

A must-read book in your field?

Lessig’s Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace and Chris Reed’s Making Laws for Cyberspace

The one fun thing you want our students to know about you?

My work on “dark patterns” has led me to present to everyone from the Nobel Foundation to the European Commission and has been cited by the European Parliament and the OECD!