Tulane University, School of Law

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Tulane University, School of Law

Über Tulane University, School of Law

Tulane Law School is the nation’s 12th oldest law school, and yet is anything but stodgy. From its founding in 1847, Tulane has always prided itself as a place of intense creativity and innovation in the study of law.

Its location in Louisiana, the country’s sole civil-law jurisdiction, gives Tulane a distinctive understanding of the interaction of different legal systems. The unique exposure our students gain to both the common, and civil law systems that dominate the rest of the globe is a powerful advantage in a world in which business, governance, and law practice are increasingly transnational.


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  • Internationales Recht
  • Rechtsvergleichung
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Frau Maria Landry
Director of Admission LLM


Number of professors

Including full-time and non-full-time faculty.

Number of students

Professor-student ratio


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Tulane is an ABA accredited school. It has been ABA approved since 1925.

Ranking & Awards

  • Tulane Law School is ranked No. 52 according to the annual US News Report on Best Law Schools.
  • Additionally, all our LL.M. programs are very well-known, with the maritime one being considered the No. 1 in the world.

Renowned professors

Professor Martin Davies
Admiralty & Maritime Law

Professor Gabe Feldman
Sports Law

Professor Robert Force
Admiralty & Maritime Law

Professor Amy Gajda
Education Law & Information Privacy

Professor Laila Hlass
Immigration & Refugee Law

Professor Sally Richardson
Comparative & Civil Law, Environmental Law, & Property Law

Notable Alumni

Dean Lombardi
President and General Manager for the LA Kings

Mike Tannenbaum
General Manager for the NY Jets

Robert Harling
American writer, producer and film director, best known for works such as Steel Magnolias and The First Wives Club

Jonathan Hensleigh
American screenwriter and film director best known for writing films such as Jumanji, Die Hard with a Vengeance and Armageddon.

Numerous political figures (Senators, U.S. Representatives, Mayors, and others)


Program types

Full time

Part time

Degree to be obtained

Master of Laws (LL.M.) in one of the following:

  • General Law, Energy & Environmental Law
  • Maritime & Admiralty Law
  • American Law or
  • International & Comparative Law


  • Comparative Law
  • Environmental and Energy Law
  • General Law
  • International Law
  • Maritime Law
  • U.S. Law

Practical relevance

Our LL.M. students are allowed to participate in the law journals, some of the clinics, and do pro bono work while attending the LL.M. program.


Tulane Law School is known in a wide variety of programs, from IP to Sport, to Maritime and Energy & Environmental Law. Through the years, Tulane has developed relationships with industries and organizations in those and many other fields.

Student profile

We are looking for solid students, students who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence and to hard work. We look carefully at the personal statement required by the application to see what is important to our students. We are far more impressed by activities undertaken because students were interested in them than in long lists of clubs joined solely for the purpose of enhancing a law school application.

Average starting salary

Fully depends on the country and the type of work.

Semester break

The academic year is two full semesters, Fall and Spring, with a 3 weeks break between then. The Summer is 3 months long and we offer summer abroad programs and the mandatory Orientation program, during that period.


Generally speaking, the LL.M. program starts in the Fall, however, we do have a small (limited and restricted) Spring intake.

Summer term

Start: January
Duration: 5 months

Winter term

Start: September
Duration: 4 months

Kosten und Finanzierung

Tuition fees ($)

Cost of living ($)

Grants & Scholarships

All LL.M. candidates are eligible for the award of partial tuition waivers or scholarships.

These awards are merit based.


Application deadline

We have rolling application to June 15. Students are encouraged to apply by February.  → Apply now

Admission Requirement

Candidates for admission must hold the Juris Doctor (JD) from a United States law school or the LLB or equivalent first basiclaw degree from a non-US law school.Applicants whose native language is not English, or whose first law degrees (JD or LLB or equivalent) are from schools at which English was not the language of instruction, are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

How to apply

Online application


Personal statement

Letters of recommendation (at least 2)


Official Transcripts

Course Page

More information about the courses you can find here.


Student facts

Every year we host students from over 25 countries.

International students

International Students from over 20 countries. Main countries are China and Panama.

Study location

New Orleans, Louisiana


On campus housing is available during the summer, allowing students a place to stay while looking for permanent housing for the year.

Club & Society

Tulane offers over 50 associations, including GLAT (Graduate Layers at Tulane), Maritime Law Society, and many others. Additionally, all the clubs and societies have weekly meetings and events organized at the law school.

Leisure activities

New Orleans is known for its music and vibrant community.

Music, festivals, art and delicious food are available at every corner.

Support for parents/disabled

Tulane CAPS for Counseling Services.

Student life - A typical day

Natasha Sailopal tells us about a typical day at Tulane University, School of Law.

06:00 am

Wake Up Time and small breakfast with my roomates.

07:30 am


08:30 am

Walk to Law School with Coffee Stop with LLM friends.

09:00 am

Part Time work at the office of International Programs, Tulane Law School

12:00 pm

Lunch and Pre Class Discussion with other students.

01:00 pm


03:00 pm

Global Cafe – Weekly event where international students from all Tulane departments come together, share ideas and do different activities together.

04:30 pm

More lectures/classes.

06:00 pm

Law School Event – all most every other day, the Law School will host different event, from different law socities. Those can be lectures, info sessions, book readings and signs, film viewing, etc. And they are always followed by a small reception.

07:00 pm

Homework and Study.

09:00 pm

Downtown with my roomates, where we talked about our days.

10:00 pm

Bed Time.


Tulane Alumni Association and Tulane Law Alumni Relations

Average age