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Natasha Sailopal


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Why have you decided to pursue a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree?

I practiced law in India for 4 years before I decided to come to Tulane for my LLM. I believe a LLM degree in Admiralty from Tulane will enhance my career opportunities and will also help me expand my knowledge base and help me gain a better understanding of maritime subjects.

Why did you choose to study at Tulane Law School?

Tulane Law School is very well renowned for its LLM in Admiralty course. It is a privilegde to learn from Professors Martin Davies and Professor Robert Force who have contributed trememduously to the World Maritime industry.

Describe the LL.M. course you are studying.

I am studying LLM in Admiralty course which comprises of maritime subjects like marine insurance, Admiralty 1&2, Carriage of goods by sea, Marine Pollution and Collision liability to name a few.

Which classes do you like most and why?

I love Marine Insurance because of the way professor Thibodeaux simplies and explains concepts. He makes learning fun. Also, Marine Insurance is the oldest form of insurance, protects shipping companies and cargo owners against the loss of a ship and/or cargo. It helps to manage risks in the event of an unfortunate incident like accidents, damage to the property and environment or loss of life.

How do you finance your education?

I saved up for my education!

What was your most exiting, interesting, astonishing or hilarious experience at Tulane Law School so far?

Our month long orientation for international students was the most fun filled and exciting experience at Tulane so far. It was a mix of introduction to American law and sight seeing through New Orleans.

What is the best thing about the program?

The opportunity to meet and become friends with international students from over 20 countries.

Name three terms that you associate with the word „law“.

Justice, Dispute settlement and Peace.

What are your plans after graduating?

To take the New York Bar exam.

What advice do you have prospective students?

I would definitely recommend Tulane‘s LLM program to every student. New Orleans is very rich in culture and cuisine and is a wonderful city to live in. Tulane truly give you the most fulfilling experience as a student and also gives you many opportunities to expand your knowlegde and skill sets.