The University of Michigan Law School

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The University of Michigan Law School

Application deadline

The application deadline for the LLM program is January 31. By this date, all materials should reach our office. We therefore recommend applying by early December.

Applications for the MACL program will be received on a rolling basis and will be considered for admission as long as space in the class remains available. (NB: International students must apply early enough to receive their visa and arrive in Michigan by May 14.)

Admission Requirement

primary degree in law (e.g. 1. Staatsexamen)

TOEFL scores of at least 100 ibT or IELTS scores of at least 7.0

professional experience gained after completion of 1. Staatsexamen (or equivalent) - or at a minimum through significant internships - is highly desirable.

How to apply

We welcome online applications via LSAC, or a hardcopy application via postal or courier service. In the latter case, please complete and print the LLM application pdf or MACL application pdf as appropriate, and have all official documents sent to us directly from the issuing institutions/authors (transcripts, diplomas, English test scores, letters of recommendation).

The following items are required:
completed application form; CV; all university level transcripts (regardless of area of study and whether completed or not), all degree confirmations, at least two letters of recommendation, valid TOEFL or IELTS scores, the application fee of $75 unless the fee was waived.
Applicants who complete the CRS survey are eligible for competitive merit waivers. Applicants for whom the application fee presents a significant financial obstacle may request a need-based waiver by emailing us.