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Luca Fuhrmann

Research associate / White & Case LLP

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Research associate / White & Case LLP

Why did you choose to study at Minnesota Law?

My primary goal was to go to a Law School with a great academic background. But at the same time, I also didn’t want to be “mainstream”. As it becomes more common for German students to obtain their LL.M. degree in the United States, I wanted to go different places. It was just the perfect combination for me, very good academics and going a different route than most German LL.M. students. Another important factor in my decision was that LL.M. students are fully integrated into the normal courses and classes. There is no such thing as separation between LL.M. and J.D. students at Minnesota Law. You can fully participate in all classes and you are free to choose the classes as you like them. It was also very helpful that, Minnesota Law provided me with the contact information of a former German LL.M. student during the application process. He told me only good things about the Law School and University in general and encouraged me in my decision to attend Minnesota Law.

What was your contact to other students like?

It was very easy to get in touch with other students, not only LL.M. students but also regular J.D. students. Everyone was very helpful and made his contribution to feel welcome and, I would say, like home. It was a very friendly atmosphere and there is something astonishing to the attitude of Minnesota Law Students and Professors.

Did you profit from Minnesota Law’s network?

As I am still at an early point in my career I haven’t really profited from the network, but probably just not yet. But I am certain that the network I built during my time at Minnesota Law will help me in my future!

Do you still have contact to your study colleagues?

Definitely! That is one of the great upsides of doing an LL.M.! You not only broaden your horizon and knowledge in a different legal system, you also make friends for life from all over the world! As for the second half of 2019, I already have plans to visit a couple of them in their home country.

How did attending Minnesota Law change your career?

It helped me tremendously. It is not just about the knowledge you gain during such a program, it’s also all the soft skills that you pick up and being taught in small seminars. It helped me to learn to think like a lawyer. As I still have to finish my studies in my home country, I am sure that it will change my career in the years to come. I already noticed that Law Firms perceive you differently after obtaining an LL.M. degree. It is not just about the knowledge which you earned. A big part is also about being independent and the ability to organize and in the end pull through with it all on your own in different country that helps to build and shape your personality.

Which was your favorite course / part of the program you attend?

It is hard, almost impossible to choose one course/part in particular. But if I had to, I would pick the Judicial Observation! Minnesota Law pairs you with a judge either from State or federal court and you get the chance to see the American justice system from within. You get the chance to observe the trial process and everything that comes with it. Also, my judge was wonderful and made the judicial observation a special experience I will never forget! Another fun part was that the Directors for the International Programs took all of us LL.M. students to the Mall of America and Outlet Center to help find the right clothes to stay warm during the Minnesota winter!

Why would you recommend Minnesota Law’s study program to future students?

100%, no doubt about that!