Interview Professor

Daniel Keating Tyrrell Williams

Professor of Law

How long have you been teaching at Washington University School of Law? And what brought you here?

I have been here 30 years. I first came here because of the great reputation of the University and the School of Law.

What defines Washington University School of Law? What is unique about it?

What is unique about Washington University School of Law is the faculty’s commitment to teaching. The faculty here are great scholars, of course, but my colleagues are equally committed to their teaching.

What is your daily routine as a professor?

I like to get in early and prepare for my morning class by going over my class notes and trying to put myself in the position of the students I will be teaching that day.  What are the most difficult concepts and how can I make them more accessible? After class, I make myself available for lots of student questions about the class. Then I look at my email before I go to lunch. After lunch, I will try to work on my scholarly writing projects.

Which courses do you teach?

  • Commercial Law
  • UCC Article 2
  • Bankruptcy
  • and Chapter 11 Reorganization Seminar

How do you support young lawyers at Washington University School of Law?

I give advice about career options, I write letters of recommendation, I contact former students who are now in practice and ask them to meet with current students.

What quallifications / prior knowledge do you require students to have in order to study at Washington University School of Law (i.e. admission requirements but also soft skills)?

Besides a strong academic record, our prospective students should be problem-solvers, good writers, and good citizens of the planet by giving back in some way to those less fortunate.

What do you value most about working at Washington University School of Law?

I value most the quality and diversity of our students, and the good relationships that I have with my colleagues on the faculty and staff at the school.

What do you do in your leisure time?

I like to go on hikes with my wife, watch sporting events and movies, and work out in my basement gym.

Name three term that you associate with the word „law“.

Justice, equality, order.

You are planning a law-free weekend on a desert island and you are allowed to take only three things with you. What would they be?

A good book, a deep-dish pizza, and an oven to bake it in!

Which advice would you like to give every young lawyer?

Becoming a good lawyer takes time and patience. Listen more and talk less. Find a good mentor early on and seek his or her advice as you make your way through the early stages of your career.