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Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL)

International studies in law and beyond“



One year masters programs consists of 60 ECTS of theoretical study with an interaction between law and finance disciplines emphasised within each course track with 30 ECTS devoted to a thesis. 

Two year masters program in Law and Finance consists of 120 ECTS of theoretical study of which 30 ECTS are devoted to a thesis.


Three year Bachelor programs comprise 183 ECTS credit points. They are based on mandatory and elective courses as well as optional language courses. Up to three courses can be taken simultaneously.

Each course lasts six weeks with five class hours per week, plus research work on assignments and preparation for classes.

Each course concludes with an exam, while the programs conclude with a thesis.

Masters Programs

Our specialized Masters programs offer advanced, research-based education in law, business, policy and finance. Executive-style schedules allow ambitious students and professionals to accommodate work and studies. RGSL’s internationally recognized Master’s degrees prepare students for successful careers in a variety of industry sectors, as well as public institutions and academia. Find the Masters Program brochure here.

Bachelor Programs

Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL) is a leading law school in the Baltic region offering interdisciplinary Bachelor  studies in law combined with business, international relations, finance and policy. Founded in 1998, the goal of RGSL is to provide strong international, academic education within the context of an ever-changing and interconnected world. Find the Bachelors Program Brochure here.

Program types

Full time

Part time